Plant Based Eco Friendly Bio Degradable Natural Cleaners Plant-Based, Eco-Friendly, Bio-Degradable.
Eco Revival Formulations made from Pure Plant Extracts
using Precision Techniques.
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Advanced All Natural Gen-Next Natural Cleaners Bliss to Ecosystem! Unique Plant Based Formulations using Nano Techniques.
9X Effective, 99% Less Plastic, Readily Bio-degradable Contents, No Added Water.
Just a little goes a long way.
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We Formulate Natural Products and Ideate Innovative solutions For Sustainability Development.

Skin Care, Nutrition & Wellness, Home Care, Garden Care, Massage, Aroma & Spa.






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Get your favorite ECOFRIENDLY CLEANER KIT at Affordable Prices. Our Research Product for Sustainability India. Make your Homes, Offices, Preschools, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Institutions, Hotels, Lodges, Organizations, Malls, Marts free from TOXINS, GERMS & PLASTIC.
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We have been buying Vayuvah’s Natural Cleaners and Plant Based Cosmetics (Since 5+ Years). They are Impressively Effective! Aroma is Gentle. Feels Natural! We like their EcoPacks. Excellent Value for Money! Must have products in all homes, I would Say.

The only place for no-chemical, all natural cleaning products. I recommend all the households, offices and business establishments to approach Vayuvah. They are available online too!

Wow! Vayuvah Natural Products Arrived!

It has been a wonderful experience using these products.

They are truly natural, ecofriendly and also light on the pocket.

If you are looking for real natural products, this is my recommendation. We have been using these products for more than 6 years now. Best part, even Maids are happy using these products.

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Natural Products for Sustainable India!