Plant Based Eco Friendly Bio Degradable Natural Cleaners Plant-Based, Eco-Friendly, Bio-Degradable.
Eco Revival Formulations made from Pure Plant Extracts
using Precision Techniques.
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Advanced All Natural Gen-Next Natural Cleaners Bliss to Ecosystem! Unique Plant Based Formulations using Nano Techniques.
9X Effective, 99% Less Plastic, Readily Bio-degradable Contents, No Added Water.
Just a little goes a long way.
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We Formulate Products and Ideate Eco-Revival solutions that result as a Bliss to the Ecosystem!
Plant Based Natural Cleaners, Wood Pressed Oils, Aloe Products, Clean Energy, Farm & Livestock care are some of our areas of Expertise.

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Get your favorite ECOFRIENDLY CLEANER KIT at Affordable Prices in this offer. Make your Homes, Offices, Preschools, Schools, Colleges, Universities, Institutions, Hotels, Lodges, Organizations, Malls, Marts free from TOXINS, GERMS & PLASTIC. Give us an opportunity to make you opt a SAFER EFFECTIVE ALTERNATIVE.
Plant Based, Toxin Free, Less Plastic and Readily Biodegradable.
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At our house, we use Vayuvah’s Natural Household Cleaners and Cosmetics (Since 4+ Years). They are Unique. They have a Pleasant Aroma. They are Impressively Effective! We have seen a consistent progress in several aspects of their Product Quality. They started with Conventional Plastic bottles, later shifted to Green Metal and now we are extremely delighted to see the products arrive in Ecofriendly Pouches. Only the cap is Plastic :). Moreover, they are affordable.
Must have products in all homes, I would Say.

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