Less Plastic Initiative

We perform Research, Ideate and Implement Innovative Eco-friendly Packaging Solutions.

Make in India, Vocal For Local

We have established manufacturing unit in India. We use Indigenous raw materials for manufacture.

Atmanirbhar Bharat, Gram Udyog

We provide employment for rural men and women.

Stree Shakti

We implement projects to uplift rural women.

Swachch Bharath

Our Home Care products are aimed towards this.

Toxin Free Agri-Inputs

We formulate this for our own farms and fellow farmers to ensure that the raw materials are in the purest form.

Innovative Farming

Innovative farming using Advanced Hydroponics & Aeroponics

Green & Clean Energy

We explore, assess, study, nurture and provide feasible solutions to embrace cleaner forms of energy.

Preserve Rare Species

Bos Indicus is an exceedingly rare species of Cattle likely to get extinct in the nearest future and we work towards its preservation.

Air, Water and Soil are the three pro-genies of mother earth that were bestowed to humans with utmost mercy. We, as intelligent humans, have ruthlessly and brazenly polluted all the three building blocks of our lives to the maximum extent possible, by infusing all types of toxins in the pretext of Modernization.

As a result, we are crossing endangered levels of pollution with respect to all the three elements, making our planet an unsafe place for the present as well as future generations.

Food we eat is Toxic, Air we breathe is Poisonous and Water we drink is Contaminated. Anything else left???

Vayuvah identifies hazardous toxins used in the existing system and provides Toxin Free and Safer Alternatives.

Let us join hands and leave no stones unturned in the mission towards Reviving the ecosystem.

The Journey:

  1. VEPL began its journey a decade before its formal establishment by setting up toxin free farms.
  2. As a precursor, VEPL formulated its own Toxin Free Growth Promoters, Soil Enrichers and Pest Resistors for its own farms

  3. VEPL was formally established in 2016 with a motto to make its products and solutions available to the fellow citizens of our nation “Bhaarath” (India).

  4. Next milestone was setting up Water Efficient and Advanced Hydroponic and Aeroponic farms using Innovative Techniques

  5. Hydroponic cultivation has been extrapolated to grow green fodder for cattle.

  6. Meanwhile VEPL also developed several ideas to re-utilize the agricultural waste and convert it into useful products.

  7. VEPL has also put in significant persistent efforts in setting up Clean Energy and Waste to Energy alternatives. We explore, assess, study, nurture and provide feasible solutions to embrace cleaner forms of energy.

  8. VEPL has been devoting its time, effort and energy in stepping up from “Least Plastic” to “Plastic Free” packaging of its own products

  9. VEPL has an agenda to educate and spread the “Plastic Free” and “Toxin Free” concept to all the citizens of our nation “Bhaarath”.