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Aloevera – Tulsi & TeaTree [3000 Units]


Pure Extracts of Aloevera, Tulsi & Teatree
No Lye, No Synthetic Aroma, No Artificial Color, No Added Flavor.

Knowingly as well as unknowingly, we flood our tender skin with Harsh Toxins, in the pretext of moisturizing, hydrating and rejuvenating it. This has potentially hazardous detrimental effect on the skin. These are inferred to interfere even at the genetic level causing various dysfunctions.

As a solution, Vayuvah’s All Natural Aloevera based skin care gel suits as a significant Pure alternative.

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Instructions: Apply on the face, rubbing gently in a clockwise direction.
Avoid applying into the eyes and nose.

General advice & Caution:

Store in a cool dry place (away from sunlight). Not advisable for human consumption. If by any chance for whatever reason, the product is ingested, or enters eyes, causes itching or irritation or breathlessness, immediately consult a doctor.
Disclaimer: Contains Concentrated Extracts. Generally Considered Safe. Perform Patch test before use.

Additional information

Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 15 × 24 × 18 cm